“Whilst the demise of RAF Coltishall was still a fresh memory, it was proposed that an association be formed with the specific aim of perpetuating the memory of the station and fostering the one aspect that could not be drawn down, namely the “Spirit of Coltishall”. This has now been achieved and the Spirit of Coltishall lives on.”

The Scottow Enterprise Park team is working in partnership with the Spirit of Coltishall Association (SoCA) to both remember and celebrate when the site was RAF Coltishall. SoCA and the SEP team are working in collaboration to protect the site’s heritage in a manner that is both viable and sustainable.

Spirit of Coltishall Association works with the team at Scottow Enterprise Park to:

  • recognise, record, and respect the heritage of the site
  • hosts annual public open top bus tours of the site, open to the public
  • continuously celebrates key milestones in the site’s history
  • secure funding to protect and preserve key parts of the site