Incubation of businesses requires business support, networking, collaboration, along with space to start and grow. To meet this need Scottow Enterprise Park has created a range of Hubs suitable for a variety of business types and can support all stages of business growth.

The Estate Hub is conveniently located at the entrance to Scottow Enterprise Park, and is where the SEP management team are located.

Within the Estate Hub is the allocated Startup Space for the site, where new businesses have the opportunity to grow.

The aim for the Startup Space is to provide a launchpad for people to start new businesses and start to grow micro-businesses.

This space can act as a stepping stone to growing into larger premises within the site. The site management team and associated services are within the same building so support can be offered easily.

The Discovery Hub hosts a wide range of individual offices catering from 2 to 20 people, meeting rooms and shared facilities for SMEs to start-up and grow their businesses.

The hub also acts as grow on space for businesses moving on from the start-up space.

Office spaces are in high demand and there has been interest in the Discovery Hub from a range of businesses already.

The Growth Hub contains offices of a range of sizes, small workshops, and a wide range of meeting, and conferencing space. This will also provide a signature meeting / networking room at the top of the control tower.

This space is for SMEs to grow and enhance their businesses. It will also provide the conferencing, meeting room and networking space for large parts of the wider site.

The Ideas Hub provides space for businesses to incubate and grow past the micro-business stage. The range of spaces on offer allow for innovation and growth in a variety of sectors.

This hub consists of multiple workshops and office spaces of varying sizes, catering for a variety of businesses.


The Creative Hub hosts a large adaptable internal area, smaller connecting offices and services, which provide space for creative digital businesses to grow.

This hub is currently occupied by October Films, an independent television production company that have bases in both London and Scottow Enterprise Park. They produce high quality, innovative programmes for audiences worldwide.