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Unit 17D

11183 Sq Ft

Unit 262E

928 Sq Ft

Unit 35

Various Sq Ft

Unit 295

Various Sq Ft
Scottow Enterprise Park - 380

Unit 380B

3812 Sq Ft
Scottow Enterprise Park - 221

Unit 221

1334 Sq Ft
Scottow Enterprise Park -223

Unit 223

3174 Sq Ft

Unit 71(1)

715 Sq Ft


59000 Sq Ft


320 Sq Ft

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Essentially SEP is much more than just a landlord. They do truly want companies to innovate and succeed and they will go above and beyond to accomplish this. A big thumbs up from us.

Dave Stanbridge

Swift Aircraft


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Estate Hub (Building 40)

Scottow Enterprise Park

NR10 5FB


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