You may know that Scottow Enterprise Park (SEP) is a thriving business park home to over 115 tenants, but did you know that it is also a popular Norfolk film location?

The site has been used by a number of companies in the filming of movies, TV shows, music videos and photoshoots. TV programmes have been shot at Scottow Enterprise Park by resident production company, October Films. The site has been a backdrop during a fashion shoot for Next and a music video for the talented artist, Hydra Lerna

It’s easy to see why SEP has become such a sought after destination for film and photography production when considering the many unique features the site boasts. Covering 600 acres of land, there is ample space for projects both small and large. Plus, the many historical buildings found on site are great for inspiring creativity. 

Exterior of original RAF aircraft hangar with large green wall
Original WW2 hangar

Need more convincing? Here are 11 reasons why to choose Scottow Enterprise Park as the location of your next project:

1. Location, Location, Location

Scottow Enterprise Park is set in the beautiful countryside of North Norfolk. Although isolated in some aspects, it nonetheless has brilliant transport links to the rest of Norfolk, East Anglia and England. This means that SEP is not only a fantastic setting for local film production, but national and international filming and photography too. 

Reach London in 3 hours by car, travel anywhere in Britain via train from Norwich Railway Station, a quick 30 minute drive away, or fly to any destination in the world via Norwich International Airport, merely 20 minutes down the road from SEP. 

SEP entrance sign

2. Travel Back in Time

SEP opened its gates to businesses in 2013, however, from 1939 to 2006 it was a Royal Air Force base. In the late 1930s and early 1940s the airbase was hastily constructed by the RAF to help in the Second World War efforts. Fortunately for us, many of these old, historical relics have been preserved on the site. From a Control Tower to Sergeants’ Mess, aircraft hangars to bunkers, many unique and rare constructions can still be found at SEP. 

What’s even better is that these historical RAF buildings can be hired as film sets and photography backdrops, meaning their magic can be captured and shared for future generations to enjoy. There is so much potential! See for yourself by taking a look at our location photos and letting your imagination run wild.

Interior wide shot of Sergeants' Mess ballroom with original 1940s fireplace and large windows
Ballroom in Sergeants’ Mess

3. Here if you need us

While finding the right location for your film or photoshoot is a big part of set hunting, we also know that practicalities are important too. The good news is that as a business park, at SEP we are BIG on practicalities. We have an onsite team ready to ensure your production is a success- they will be happy to help if there is anything you require. Also, our security team watch over the site 24/7, helping to keep you and your belongings safe and secure. 

Man sitting at desk reading computer screen
Our Business Support Coordinator, Arthur

4. Ssssshhhhh!

SEP is located in a remote and quiet village which brings a huge advantage to film production companies. If you need to be discreet about what you are filming or photographing, Scottow Enterprise Park is the place for you. We understand that sometimes, you may need to keep your project quiet and on the downlow. Because SEP is so big, we have numerous areas on the site that are isolated and private. From large undercover buildings to outdoor hardstanding spaces, we have many nooks and crannies on the park to keep your project secret and away from curious eyes.

Norfolk field
Idyllic fields surrounding SEP

5. Peace and quiet

How frustrating it must be to almost have the scene wrapped up, only to have an unwanted background noise ruin it all! While no film location can promise absolute silence at all times of the day, we can assure you that SEP is a peaceful and quiet setting. Currently, we have no aircraft flying from or to our site and flights from Norwich Airport can not be commonly heard. The roads on the business park are private, used predominantly only by our tenants, therefore, are not busy or noisy. Sounds from motorways are certainly not a problem at SEP either as there are no motorways in Norfolk whatsoever! 

Exterior of old cricket pavillion next to green grass cricket pitch
Old cricket pavillion and field

6. Power to the people

Lights, cameras, kettles and laptops all have one thing in common… they need power to work! Thankfully, because Scottow Enterprise Park is a working business centre, we have power supplied to the site. Other film production teams who have used the site as a filming location have also used generators, so they, of course, are an option too.

Exterior wide shot of unit 295, a large modern building
Unit 295 which has 3 phase power

7. Park Parking

Don’t worry, we have plenty of parking available here at Scottow Enterprise Park. Almost all of our units and buildings have ample parking space close by and vehicles can safely park up beside our runway and many private roads. 

Exterior wide shot of car park with disabled spaces and security hut
Site entrance car park

8. Gearing up

If you need somewhere to store your filming or photography gear while you complete your project on site, we’ve got you covered. Our many storage units, found throughout SEP, are secure, weatherproof and come in varying sizes. They are easy to access and watched over by our 24/7 security team. 

Wide shot of original Cold War bunker with blue walls, green blast door on grass with concrete road

9. Wonderful wifi

Scottow Enterprise Park wouldn’t be home to over 115 tenants if it didn’t have good wifi. Despite being a rural North Norfolk location, our wifi on the site is as good as any city set up. So if you need to stay in contact with your team members or get some work done online, you’ll get connection.

Interior of accommodation reception in Sergeants' Mess with wooden hotel style desk
Front desk of accommodation quarters in Sergeants’ Mess

10. We’re covered!

On Scottow Enterprise Park, the health and safety of our tenants and visitors is one of our main priorities. If you decide to use SEP as a film location, you will be covered under our Public Liability insurance. This will cover your production in the event of injury to a third party or damage to property.

 You will, of course, also want to ensure your own insurance covers everything you need it too, plus we ask all those welcome to our site to follow our health and safety rules. 

Exterior of old RAF industrial storage unit with concrete walls, concrete road and grass
Unit 71(1) secure entrance

11. Tried and tested!

SEP is a tried and tested filming location and has been used in many productions. In fact, the park is such a good location for filming that we even have a full time production company permanently based onsite! October Films have truly become a part of the Scottow Enterprise Park community. Our other tenants are used to seeing their film sets around site, therefore, disturbances are limited.

Tenants riding on track on electric scooters
SEP tenants onsite

Want to take a look round Scottow Enterprise Park to see if its the right location for you? Book a viewing today by calling 01603 273148 or email