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We have a wide range of fantastic commercial properties to rent at Scottow Enterprise Park, including offices, workshops and storage facilities.

Commercial Properties For Rent in Norfolk

We have a huge portfolio of properties on Scottow Enterprise Park which are available to rent. All our properties are competitively priced and affordable for small to large businesses. Our commercial properties are truly unique and each unit is one of a kind. Nowhere else in Norfolk will you find such a range of rare buildings that are perfect for business and private storage use!

Unique Business Spaces to Rent for Your Business


The properties based on Scottow Enterprise Park vary widely in size and age. Our units range from 100 Sq Ft shipping container storage to mammoth 61000 Sq Ft concrete hangars.

All of the properties were built onsite when Scottow Enterprise Park was the base of RAF Coltishall. RAF Coltishall was built in 1939 and closed in 2006, meaning some of the units on the park were built for World War Two, Cold War and Gulf War operations. Thanks to their previous use as RAF storage, workshops and offices, all of the properties on Scottow Enterprise Park were built to last and have been lovingly renovated to make them ideal for modern day use.

Hethel Innovation have been with us every step of the way. Giving us the space we needed in the very early days to get the business off the ground, through to supporting our growth and expansion into another building on the Scottow Enterprise Park. Cost effective premises have allowed us to focus on the development of our UAV and rocket vehicles that will give easy access to space and microgravity environments for research, testing and validation.

Rob Adlard

Gravitilab Aerospace Services

Offices, Hangars, Workshops, Warehouses, Studios and Storage to Rent

The beauty of Scottow Enterprise Park is that there really is space suitable for everyone. We cater for all manner of businesses, from start-up companies to long established organisations. Our site is already home to over 100 members who work in industries such as engineering, art, film, food, events, automobiles and more!


More Than a Business Park

Scottow Enterprise Park is fast cultivating a reputation as being a leading business centre for innovation. In addition to providing commercial properties available to rent, we also offer business support to local companies (including our members), and organise regular workshops and events. We do this thanks to our links with Hethel Innovation, our managing company. Learn more about what Scottow Enterprise Park offers by visiting our ‘Why Scottow?‘ page.


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