We’re having a pumpkin carving competition at Scottow Enterprise Park and all of our tenants are invited to take part! It’s super easy to enter and the proceeds collected from the competition will be donated to our charity of choice, The Dogs Trust.

How do I enter?

It really is very simple and we’ll do most of the work, meaning all you have to do is concentrate on carving your creation!

1. Pick up your pumpkin from our office on the first floor of Building 35 anytime between Friday the 25rd of October to Wednesday the 30th of October
2. When picking up your pumpkin, kindly hand in your £5 charity donation
3. Take your pumpkin back to your unit to carve there or at home (we encourage you to get your colleagues or kids involved, if you want to!)
4. On the day of Halloween (Thursday the 31st of October), display your carved pumpkin outside your unit
5. The SEP team will come to pick up your pumpkin outside your unit and display them outside Building 40 (the entrance of the park)

Who will judge the competition?

Scottow Enterprise Park’s Site Manager, Elliot, will judge the competition entries and choose a winner. He will be completely impartial!

What will happen to the pumpkins?

After lining up all the pumpkins outside of Building 40, we’ll take lots of photos of your creations to feature in SEP’s social media and newsletter. At 5:00pm, all competition entrants can pick up their pumpkins to take home, if they so wish!


Why should I enter the competition?

Because it’s fun, for charity and Halloween! It’ll also give all our tenants a chance to demonstrate their talents and get themselves noticed throughout our Scottow Enterprise Park community.


So what are you waiting for? Ready, steady, get carving!

Head to SEP’s office on the first floor of Building 35 today.